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Why Is It Difficult to Drive a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse?

One of the most expensive supercars of the decade is a splendid beauty, which makes its owner the most hated person on the planet in the eyes of those who aspire for it but can’t afford it. This fastest convertible Bugatti car top speed is 254 mph. Does this make it difficult to drive? The answer is NO. It is not the immense horsepower or the gargantuan price tag, which makes it difficult to drive.

Then, what is it? The answer is those who want to get close to you and in their enthusiasm to click you in this beauty or to wave at you they get just too close. You have to be at your very best to dodge such people. They will follow you for miles to get few snapshots. They won’t mind running out of their cars in heavy traffic to score some pictures on their iPhones. All they want is to bask in the Bugatti glow for few seconds making it a headache for the owner to save his car.

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