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Honda Accord Over the Toyota Camry

If you are in the market for a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry, the statistics reveal that the Honda Accord is the number one choice.

When it comes to safety pros and cons Advantastar ranked The Honda Accord as the superior choice. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a 35 mph road test which revealed that the Honda Accord was safer than the Toyota Camry, ranking head restraint design in the Toyota Camry as only “marginal.”

The EPA ranked the Accord Sedan higher than the Camry attributing its success to the Honda V6’s better fuel mileage than the Camry V6 (19 city/29 hwy vs. 19 city/28 hwy).

The Accord also has better braking capabilities, stopping much shorter than the Toyota Camry. This shorter stop creates greater control and safety of the driver, indicating the clear choice that the Honda Accord is superior.

Lastly, the economic advantages of the Accord greatly outweigh those of the Camry.

“Insurance will cost less for the Accord Sedan owner. The Car Book by Jack Gillis rates the Accord Sedan with a number “5” insurance rate while the Camry is rated higher at a number “10” rate. According to The Car Book by Jack Gillis, the Accord Sedan is less expensive to operate than the Camry, because typical repairs cost much less on the Accord Sedan than the Camry, including $27 less for a water pump, $131 less for fuel injection, $163 less for a fuel pump, $135 less for front struts, $205 less for a timing belt/chain and $87 less for a power steering pump.” (Advantastar)

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